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The Advent Calendar has now finished. You can still see each day but there will be no new updates on this page.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Four

It's Christmas Eve!!! Only 1 day to go before Xmas and The End of Time. There will be a "jumbo" pack of stuff on the advent calendar for tomorrow, but for now, I have piled up on some cool Doctor Who facts.
  • Including both The End of Time episodes, David Tennant will have done 47 Doctor Who episode (excluding animation, spin off, and short specials).
  • In The Impossible Planet, the sound effects for the doors were used in the games DOOM and DOOM 2.
  • The working title for Doomsday was "Torchwood Falls".
  • The Christmas Invasion was the first ever Doctor Who Christmas Special.
  • Swansea's Singleton Hospital was used to film the scenes in the Royal Hope Hospital in Smith and Jones.
  • 42 is the shortest episode title in Doctor Who's televised history. Also, it was in "real time", so the whole story was only about 42 minutes, making it the shortest story.
  • Utopia was the first story to show more than 2 names in the title sequence.
  • Some early reports suggested that the title for Partners in Crime was actually Partners in Time.
  • In The Poison Sky, when the Doctor cuts off transmission with the Sontarans, a clip from CBeebies cartoon Tommy Zoom was on.
  • The Girl in Silence in the Library was watching Pedro and Frankensheep.
  • In Turn Left, Donna gets a free psychic reading because she has red hair. In Chinese culture, red is considered lucky.

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